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Why Are We Sick? The Vicious Cycle Explained…

When I first began helping other people cleanse and regenerate their bodies, I thought my work was pretty cut-and-dry. People came to me predominantly to lose weight and boost their energy. However, there is a devastating cycle at play in the mainstream lifestyle that goes way beyond concerns of looking gorgeous or fitting into a size 2. It’s time we officially acknowledge the vicious cycle that is devouring the well-being of the Western world.


When you eat common foods in common quantities, the elimination system fails to keep up with what you ingest. The mucus-forming foods build up in the intestines and push their way into the body through the tissues of the intestinal walls. This will lead to common symptoms such as headaches and colds. The waste attempts to leave the body through the lungs (a major eliminative organ). In some cases it tries to leave through the skin and forms rashes or eczema.

When you take an over-the-counter drug like Sudafed or Tylenol, it only suppresses the waste matter, sending it back into the tissues. Eventually, the matter becomes even more sticky and acidic, and once again the body tries to push it out via the lungs and skin. Once again, you take more symptom-suppressing drugs, which leads to even more waste build-up, and even stickier mucus, which attracts bacteria like a magnet and creates an infection requiring antibiotics.

After several years of this mucus-filled state coupled with the antibiotics, the bowel becomes completely overrun with hostile bacteria. The antibiotics kill off the good bacteria in the bowel, which would otherwise help keep it functioning properly, causing the bad bacteria to thrive and prey off the acid waste. Meanwhile, the over-accumulation of waste matter from unfit foods continues to permeate the intestinal walls and move through the body, landing and nesting throughout the body.

Once your intestinal balance is compromised, the bowel hasn’t a hope of keeping up with your food intake and starts to buckle under the stress. The impaction in the bowel not only causes fermentation throughout the intestinal tract, creating a number of symptoms which fall under the umbrella diagnosis of “IBS,” but it also prevents proper absorption of nutrients and precludes the body from producing the nutrients it naturally would to keep itself balanced. Further, the body starts to exhibit allergic reactions to the foods that are impacted in the colon. Yet, as the chemical residue from those foods circulates in the bloodstream, you still crave them—hence, you’re caught in an impossible addiction/aggravation cycle.

Lack of proper absorption of nutrients such as calcium, B vitamins, and amino acids makes you feel physically exhausted, as well as emotionally and psychologically imbalanced. It leads to high irritability, difficulty sleeping or getting up in the morning, and a general inability to cope with everyday tasks. It’s a reflection of your organs’ inability to cope. The liver, which would ordinarily be able to manage a degree of toxicity, is overburdened—which means dangerous toxins like heavy metals are building up instead of being released through normal channels like the skin and lymph.

At this point, you cannot figure out what is wrong, even after several visits to the doctor and a litany of tests and diagnoses—such as IBS, Crones, acid reflux, depression, you name it. Suddenly you might find yourself on a cocktail of pharmaceutical drugs—one for each condition.

All of this accelerates the aging process. The blood becomes more acidic from the drugs that are forcing the organs to work harder still. The skin, the largest organ, becomes a mirror of all the interior organs: it gets thinner, reveals pockets of waste in the form of cellulite, under-eye circles, a double chin, and wrinkling. Foul breath and bowel activity and weight gain all result as well.

Eventually, the endocrine system also breaks down, as in cases of pancreatic or adrenal exhaustion (diabetes and anxiety disorders) or inactive thyroid function (usually the under-active thyroid condition, “hypothyroid”). At this point, more drugs or even amputation or partial amputation of a gland or organ are deemed necessary. I cannot tell you how many young women (under forty) come in to see me who have already had their gallbladder, pancreas or thyroid partially or completely removed!

This is not the rarity, folks. This has become the common cycle of the body. It all starts with the ingestion of unfit substances and carries you into pitiful physical states that should simply not exist in modern times when we have so much advanced knowledge. What is ironic is that the very things that will save you from this fate—eating one to two meals a day plus vegetable juices and bowel cleansing through colonics and enemas—are commonly considered extreme, and even potentially harmful. This is laughable! This “extreme” way is the only sane approach to caring for our bodies.

You are told you need substances that you simply do not need, such as animal flesh, grain, dairy, fluoride, fiber supplementation, protein powders, and so on. It is all a big fallacy. These are the very things that are killing us! Only transitioning to ideal foods and quick exit digestion will free you from all the doctor’s visits and medications.

I know you all want to look great and have more energy, but don’t let those be the only reasons to adopt this lifestyle. Beyond just the “hot bod” you’ve always wanted and the burst of vitality to get you through your day (which you will have) is a state of clarity and liberation!

In hindsight the world is going to see the lunacy of this cycle of sickness and wonder how a civilized people could so completely miss the link between a clean body and mental integrity. The consumption of common foods (including “health” foods) and medications will be regarded with as much disdain in a few years’ time as cigarettes and sodas are today. Soon everyone will see how perverse the “healthcare” industry is, but until the rest of the world catches up, you can make the necessary changes to save yourself from the common fate. Perhaps you will even inspire and lead others to do the same.

You have my endless respect, support and love!