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Reproductive Health Audio

Macha and I explore (unbridled) the critical subject of reproductive health in this approximately hour-long audio. Enjoy and BENEFIT!


Reproductive Health Audio

Content covered in audio:
* Causes of infertility and how to reverse it
* Why reproductive symptoms manifest and how to reverse them
* How the body ideally was designed to go through menstruation
* Contraceptive options: the ideal and the non-ideal
* An ideal plan for preconception
* Sexual energy as a natural outgrowth of a loving relationship
* How the image of clean cells conducting life force mirrors sexual energy in a relationship

Quotable Quotes in audio:
* “We don’t age the body by how many times we go around the sun. We age from how much we accumulate going around the sun.” – Natalia
* “The being that you are bringing into this world is a reflection of everything that you are and everything that your mate is.”

– Natalia

About Macha Einbender: Macha Einbender (a.k.a. the Spiritual Makeover Artist) is devoted to lending her voice to help others enhance their lives through meditation, healthy lifestyle, and overcoming negative thought addiction. She is a mentor for women and a spiritual activist. She is commited to supporting women on their individual journeys.

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