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Do You Ever Feel Lonely?

“Always follow the highest you know.”
—J.J. Dewey, The Immortal

Do you ever feel lonely as you pursue the higher truths of this diet-lifestyle? Well, you’re not alone. If I had a tomato for everyone who has recently described to me this aspect of cleansing, I could make a batch of gazpacho big enough for all of you!


I am the first to admit that turning your back on the common ways of thinking, living and eating is challenging. I’ve felt deeply lonely at times. I’ve cursed having to give up certain foods and drinks, and I’ve felt massive disapproval from the crowd for questioning commonly accepted beliefs. But the incomparable bliss that comes with living according to your highest good is more than worth it!

Whenever you move away from the herd mentality and toward advanced knowledge, you initially experience a sense of loss, deprivation, and solitude. This is the moment when “the knight comes face-to-face with the dragon.” You may either run from it and return to the comfort of the herd or slay it and heed your soul’s deepest desire for growth. Of course, it’s scary to face the dragon. It takes courage to stand up to the social norms—the parents, friends, spouses, and authority figures—and say, “I’m no longer going to conform to what everyone else does because it is not serving my highest good.”

So many of you are coming to the realization that all that you’ve been told about food, health, the origins of illness, and the methods of correcting them are wrong. That is not an easy place to find yourself in, when the rest of the world appears to be going along quite happily with all the nonsense. When other people appear effortlessly healthy and thin despite their mainstream diets, you might wonder why you have chosen this path or why you must work harder than others.

What you forget is that these other people, all appearances aside, are not functioning well: they need their coffee or their cigarettes or their drugs to keep them going. You have no idea what they do to create the appearance of being okay. I work with models, actresses, socialites and 99% of the time the story is the same: they either eat next to nothing (and purge when they eat more) or live off of chemical stimulation. It’s not helpful to compare yourself to them.

Try not to let self-doubt and fear lead you to the most uncomfortable place of all—the depths of loneliness, where you are stuck looking at the truth while still slumming it with the herd. If you do find yourself there, take the opportunity to slay the dragon! It’s a matter of personal choice. You can continue to follow the path of least resistance (the herd) or you can exercise intelligent resistance and choose the higher path.

In truth you are not alone. It’s time to recognize each other and feel a part of a very special community. When you discover how many brilliant, hip, highly educated people have come to the same conclusions you have, you will be able to leap up and slay the dragon faster that I can open a young coconut! Of course, it’s not exactly that easy, nor is it supposed to be. You are the frontline of this movement, clearing the path for those who will follow and need your guidance.

Whenever you feel torn about the changes you’re making, remember that the herd is blindly following a path of destruction, led by an even blinder authority whose rules strip each individual of his or her power. It takes courage and a sense of personal responsibility to follow this higher path, but it will empower you and lead you to a life of beauty, truth and radiance.

Follow your soul’s impulse to leave the herd and soar on the wings of independence and advanced knowledge to the light!

I support you always,