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When it Rays, It Shines

Dearest Friends,

Have you noticed the remarkable shifts in people around you and the extraordinary amount of knowledge that is blossoming in our culture right now?

I am seeing increased evidence daily of a rapidly awakening world. People from all walks of life are beginning to rub their eyes from their long, hypnotic slumber and become aware of the forces that have been holding them in various states of limitation.

The gateway now stands open wide for anyone who wants to walk into the light of truth to do so. The many obstructions that have kept our culture in the dark for so long are dissolving. The light is penetrating the shadows, revealing the questionable motives behind every life-deteriorating institution as well as the gaping holes in many misguided dogmas and worldviews, making transparent what was previously obscured.


All you need to do is look around to see that the world of darkness is losing its grip on our individual and collective consciousness. Nothing is truly hidden from view for those who want to see. We are awakening to the realization that we are fully equipped to govern the course of our own lives because we are innately peaceful, loving, wise, and powerful beings (not savage and aimless), even in a world still rife with misinformation and greed.

Through our thoughts and actions, we are learn firsthand that we are fully equipped to self-heal and develop powerfully energetic bodies in a world where dangerous nutritional and medical protocols have long reigned. We no longer accept what the old protocols would have us believe–that we are weak and predisposed to degeneration and disease. We are learning how to shed the ideologies and norms that deplete our physical, mental, and spiritual energies and step boldly into lives of beauty and creativity.

It has never been easier to walk away from social values that do not serve our highest good. With every choice we make as consumers and social beings–whether in terms of food, clothing, media, beliefs, habits, relationships, religions, careers, politics, etc.–we can choose to step more fully into the light. I’ll say it again, the gateway now stands open wide!

I want to celebrate this amazing moment of our awakening because, as we move deeper into this self-cleansing work, it can become all too easy to focus what’s wrong with the world. It can be daunting to awaken to all the cultural, social, and environmental threats to our well-being. Constant vigilance is necessary, yes, but is important that we are most deeply motivated by all that is true and beautiful in the world, or has the potential to be, rather than by fear and disdain for of all that is wrong with it.

We are creating a new world, no question about it. Sure, there will always be dark forces, just as there will always be some bad bacteria in the gut. But those forces are getting weaker and weaker by the day. There may still be countless threats to our planet, our health, and our humanity–but, to cotinue with the analogy, rogue bacteria do not disappear overnight when the system initiates healing; rather, they begin to weaken as the life force reclaims residence and gathers strength. We are on a journey of continual healing and awakening here. This work is about positive growth, not perfection.

We can all feel strong and anchored in the light as we move forward and embrace a life of joy and connection. You may feel a stinging disappointment when you tune into the mainstream media or go into mainstream megastore, but the mainstream is changing. Think about what the term “mainstream” means. As more and more of our brothers and sisters awaken to the truths about nature, human health, and evolution, a new mainstream will emerge–one that flows strongly and swiftly with life force.

This is a great moment in human history to be alive. Ours is an era of transformation and responsibility. We are on track to a better future, my friends, so let us rejoice!

As I approach my due date this week, I also want to take a moment to express the gratitude I’ve felt for the last nine months for the generous, loving support of our community of friends. You’ve all been so wonderful to me!

I was sorry to miss catching up with the culinary students last weekend. I almost headed out to New Jersey on several occasions but the thought of the Holland Tunnel and all the bouncing around in a car was a bit much at this stage. I knew you were in great hands with Doris, Ana, and Joanna. And from what I’ve heard, you all had such a great bonding experience with one another as well.

This pregnancy has been a great journey, and even though I’ve been pregnant and given birth twice before, this one is totally unique. I hope to share more about it in the coming months, once I’ve welcomed the new little Rose-bud into the world.

It may be quiet at NRI for a few months as we integrate the new baby into our family, but please know that NRI is ever at the ready to support you. Here are some essential contacts:

Technical Help: George and Tim Roberts: Web@crucialnetworking.com
General Assistance: Joanna Novick: Joanna@detoxtheworld.com

The calendar for June promises another Advanced Training Course and Doris’s famed 3-day Intensive Culinary Institute.

All Love,