Calling All Parents for Your Children’s Favorite Life Force Energy Recipes!

Have you created high-vibration recipes that your kids thoroughly enjoy eating? Would you like to contribute to my book, Life Force Energy Children (scheduled to become available in the fall)? Feel free to submit any recipes you think other families would enjoy based on the high-quality ingredients we use. I will then review your recipes and, if they are suitable, I will include them in the recipe section of the new book. I know a lot of you are excellent at food prep and have devised brilliant ideas to get your kids to a Life Force Energy table, so I really hope you will share your wisdom with other parents who are looking for new ideas. You will, of course, be fully credited for your contributions should they be selected. Feel free to include your personal stories, anecdotes, and success stories as well. Remember, your inspiring story could change the life of another family!

I look forward to receiving your recipes and stories!

Much love from my family to yours,

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