E-book Now Available: The New Energy Body

I must admit that this announcement is actually making me giddy. Today, I have the incredible joy of bringing you my latest book, The New Energy Body. I think of this book as the crowning achievement of all my pursuits. Within its pages are all the explanations and answers that have transformed me and my clients to ever richer and richer states of being. The results are evident physically, but also go far beyond the physical! Since I experience the greatest joy when I can pass along my findings to others, today my cup runneth over. I really hope these insights bring you as much pleasure, insight, and freedom as they have given me and my private clients.

For the time being, The New Energy Body is only available as an e-book. For those of you who would prefer a hard copy, I am working on an initial print run and will make every effort to make it available quickly. However, I don’t want anything to hold up the release of this book, as I know it will be very timely for many of you. So here it is:

“The New Energy Body”
by Natalia Rose
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