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Life Force Lesson #5: The Fundamentals of Cleansing

Are you drawn to the idea of cleansing but not entirely sure why? Or do you wonder why cleansing is even necessary if you already shower and use deodorant every day? Cleansinghas become a fashionable term that is bandied about but is still poorly understood. Today, we will explore the core principles of cleansing, and why it is so important in the context of modern living.

Alkalinity v. Acidity
Thus far, we’ve learned about how life force energy works: it’s all about conductivity pulsing without obstruction. The next thing to understand is that the human body is alkaline. Acidic substances, which make up the bulk of today’s mainstream diet, do not conduct energy as alkaline substances do. The more sun-fed and hydrating a food is, the more rapidly it pulses and conducts energy-rich nutrients into the body. Such foods are alkaline and move more easily and effectively through the body, leaving little trace other than pure energy. This is why fresh fruits and veggies are the ideal human food (but be advised that that fruits are not for everyone per the information in my book Detox4Women, which in many cases can also apply to men)!

Alkaline substances carry a negative ionic-charge, whereas acidic substances have a positive ionic charge. When the positive charge of acidic foods meets with the negative charge of the body’s cells and tissues, they stick together in the intestine, creating blockages that contaminate the bloodstream and the body at large. Acidic substances also cause obstructions because—unlike fresh, water-containing, alkaline fruits and vegetables—they are dehydrating. This means they don’t just stick in the alkaline human tissue, but they also stay, long after the moment they are ingested because they have neither the kinetic energy (negative ionic charge from energized electrons) nor the moisture necessary to carry them through the alimentary canal and out of the intestine. They only partially exit the body. Weak intestinal peristalsis and bacterial imbalance, which are common to the modern body, do not help this situation.

What you don’t want to ingest is dense, acidic substances that stick to your tissues and clog your system. When your organs, tissues, and cells clogged with accumulated waste fail to conduct the life force energy well, the deterioration cycle is initiated. The first stage of this is stagnation. Stagnation triggers decay. As you might recall from the second edition of this newsletter, life is movement and change. Stagnation is the enemy of life force! So if the natural, healthy functioning of an organism is halted by obstructions, the body will not freeze in its current condition but begin to stagnate. The moment stagnation takes hold, the body will shift into a cycle of deterioration and decay. In short, the system will begin breaking down the contaminated cell tissue. From stagnation come bacteria, viruses, and putrefaction (all a predictable part of decomposition which is every bit a valid function of Natural Law). These necrotic cells decay through the bloodstream and lymph system to every part of the body. Charming, I know.

Now, consider that all living things are fundamentally microbial—composed of little organisms. These micro-organisms are either life-generating or life-deteriorating; either helpful life forms who play well with others or rogue microbial mafia who smoke thousands of those good guys before breakfast. What makes these microbial beings beneficial or harmful depends on their environment. Are they in an environment that supports their viability or not? If not, they will do what anyone under threat tends to do: put on armor and fight back. Fortunately, we now know enough about life force energy, conductivity, alkalinity and acidity, obstruction, and stagnation to prevent these microbes from becoming pests.

Internal v. External Cleanliness
Keeping the cells, tissues, blood, lymph, and intestine clean and free of obstruction is the single most important thing you can do to promote your youth, beauty, fertility, and health at large. So when we talk about cleansing, we’re talking about maintaining internal cleanliness. The sad fact is that most people today are internally filthy. This is due to the standard diet of dense, acidic, chemically processed, and low-energy—if not completely dead—substances. At the same time, most people are also terrified of germs and obsessed with personal appearance, unaware that the real issues are festering within. People dutifully stock up on drugstore products and line up for flu shots and antibiotics, unaware that sickness today is a natural expression of accumulated waste due to modern living.

Think about all the harmful chemicals that typically go into upkeep of the human body before we even leave the door in the morning—from using mainstream brands of toothpaste, deodorant, makeup, tampons, perfume, birth control pills (or Synthroid, Prozac, Lipotrol, or whatever cocktail of meds you like) to slipping into high heels, grabbing a coffee and energy bar to go, and revving up that car engine. By 8 a.m. the average germ-a-phobe has done incalculable damage to herself in the name of hygiene, health, and fashion—and done nothing to address all the filth within! Not to mention the botulism (botox) or recreational drugs being injected and ingested!

Bacteria: The Good, The Bad, The Ugly
True cleanliness harks back to older indigenous cultures, where people lived closer to the earth and maintained a steady diet of sun-fed foods, fresh water, and even a few slugs, earthworms, locusts, and honey-filled ants. These pests did not make anyone sick. They were (and in some parts of the world, still are) part of the daily diet of many ancient peoples, such as the Aborigines of Australia, the Maori of New Zealand, and the Bushmen of the Kalahari. So let’s take a look at ourselves before we dismiss such cultures as uncivilized!

Meanwhile, consider the alarming popularity of hand sanitizers and other conveniently packaged antibacterial products in our culture. Here’s what everyone should know: yes, they kill off bad bacteria and viruses, but that means they kill everything else too—good germs and bad—while they acidify the blood with their toxic ingredients. I’ll take strong microbial fighters in my bloodstream any day over a so-called antibacterial product, because nothing compares to the powerful blood of a clean system! I’d rather have my kids’ hands be a little dirty and their blood clean than put my faith in some toxic antibacterial agents in an attempt to counterbalance a system so weakened by “normal” living that they cannot fend off rogue microbes on their own! We would never have come this far as a species if our blood had always been as impotent as it is today. So many mainstream lifestyle choices degrade the quality of our blood—filling us up with all our acidic, addictive, favorite foods, drinks, and substances but breaking down our natural defenses.

A microbially healthy body is able to fend off a band of hoodlum-microbes in a few deft strokes. Antivirals, antibiotics, and antifungals kill everything microbial and leave you more devoid of protection than ever, with even less chance of recovering from infections than before. Your internal terrain becomes a desert. Just try fending off disease or digesting something in those conditions!

A healthy gut has plenty of good bacteria and strong peristaltic activity to deal with the small amounts of waste created by substances that enter the body and stay the night. However, it is no match for the months, years, and lifetimes of accumulated waste that resides in the average person today.

Cellular Cleansing
To be clean, we must be clean on the cellular level. Our cells must be able to function organically, regenerating their own nutrients and conducting life force energy like belly dancers in heat! That’s how to combat disruptive microbes! A truly clean body is the very embodiment of vitality, confidence, and sex appeal. It needs no heavy, synthetic ammunition, which only sets off a cycle of violence and self-sabotage, leading to all kinds of symptoms, weight gain, and disease.

The same principle of cleanliness applies across the board: to agriculture and pesticides, to animal farming and antibiotics, to the Earth and pollutants. The same chemicals used to render insects infertile render humans infertile too. The antibiotics that we give animals remain in their biomass until they are consumed, so you are effectively mainlining the antibiotics when you eat them! According to Thom Hartmann in The Last Hours of Ancient Sunlight, “This has turned our livestock into a vast breeding ground for anti-biotic resistant micro-organisms.” And it’s not just on land, Hartmann tells us: “Human viruses and bacteria are filling the waters of the planet’s oceans, killing off coral reefs and spreading disease among humans.”

Clean, healthy, organic cells—that’s what we mean by cleanliness. When the body’s cells are clean and clear, it can freely conduct energy and nutrients. The only way to a healthy body is to cultivate an environment of open pathways (in the bloodstream, lungs, throat, intestines, etc.) so that energy can move freely between the cells and the tissues. Imagine your cells “kissing” each other with electricity, igniting and animating you as nature intended. This is the whole purpose of cleansing!

This concludes our fifth lesson. In next week’s edition of The Rose Program Insider, we will talk about the guiding light of simplicity!

Ana’s Lazy Girl Food Tip: Make Room for Favorites

Always find a way to satisfy a craving. Food should be joyous.

Detox-Friendly French Onion Soup

Oh, how I love French onion soup! It is so easy make, and follows a big raw goat cheese salad beautifully. First, chop up and sauté 3 large Vidalia or Spanish onions with some diced garlic in a small amount of butter and water until they become clear. Add 3 cups of water, rosemary, sea salt to taste, and a splash of red wine. Allow this to simmer for as long as you can stand it (30 minutes is perfect). Add stevia to taste (traditional French onion soup is quite sweet). Then pour your soup into a small ceramic baking pan, top with grated goat cheese, and pop it into a hot oven (preheated to 450°F) for about 7 minutes. Your soup is ready when the cheese is golden and bubbling.


Recipe of the Week by Natalia Rose Institute Executive Chef Doris Choi: Greek Salad

Radish, Cucumber & Dill with Shredded Romaine Hearts & Goat Feta

This salad was first introduced to me at Pylos, a great Greek restaurant in NYC. The combination of julienned* cucumbers, feathery dill, and thinly sliced scallions all tossed in a mammoth bowl of finely shredded young romaine with a sprinkling of feta, lemon, and extra virgin olive oil changed the way I look at salads. The addition of radishes gives it a peppery kick!

2 romaine hearts, sliced ¼-inch thin
1 cup julienned radishes
1 seedless cucumber, julienned
2 scallion stalks, thinly sliced, including greens
2 tbsp finely chopped dill
1 or 2 lemons, juiced
½ cup crumbled goat feta (optional)
Drizzle extra virgin olive oil (optional)

*Julienned vegetables are brilliant for enjoying every ingredient at once. To julienne the radish and cucumber, use a mandolin to thinly slice into rounds. Then stack the slices up to 1 inch high and cut into tiny matchsticks. If using feta, there is no need for any oil since it will substitute for the “fat.”


Glossary Term: Rogue Bacteria

Rogue Bacteria: All physical life is microbial—some life-generating and some life- annihilating (or, as I like to call them, “rogue”). Rogue, life-deteriorating bacteria grows wherever there is stagnation. Make no mistake: there is plenty of “good” bacteria that we want the body to keep. Healthy intestinal flora will aid the body in moving awakened waste and processing new waste. But the agents of decay, deteriorating bacteria, is what results when waste is not moving but instead sitting and festering. It commonly leads to bacterial infections, cystic acne, and slowed healing. By keeping waste moving, and changing the focus of our meals to whole, clean foods, we can reduce the accumulation of these rogue bacteria and start to cleanse what we have already accumulated.