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Till All Success Be Nobleness

I discovered this work in a moment in my life when I was at a serious crossroads. As many of you may have read in my personal story in the Detox Community, I struggled a lot with being in a body and in a world of untruth (though I didn’t understand it quite this way at that time). So much so that I either had to discover a life-changing breakthrough or leave this world behind. It’s often a rock-bottom moment that catalyzes the greatest change. Only when life-depleting patterns wear us down do we become hungry and open enough to receive something completely new and life-saving.

Well, the other day, for the first time in perhaps months, I switched on the television. I was thinking I would jump on my trampoline and stretch to some daytime television for laughs. I was immediately reminded of why I keep that devise switched off. All the programs—every talk show, drama, movie, and commercial—were produced not only to reach the lowest common denominator, but also to program the consciousness of the viewer!

How is it that millions of people can sit around allowing their minds to be programmed by the subliminal messages in the ads and shows? How does anyone believe that a fat-free, 80-calorie yogurt is going to make them thin? How does anyone not see that the actress promoting denture grips only needs dentures because she has been eating steak and other unfit foods for decades? While one commercial sells and glamorizes the consumption of inhuman substances, the next one celebrates the innovation of a drug, denture cream, or incontinence product. Why don’t people make the connection? If I let the whole thing get to me, I would go out of my tree!

Instead, I switch it off. But all the while, millions of people go on watching. I think it’s good to check in on what the masses are doing now and then—to come down from my clean-celled mountaintop experience and be reminded that my purpose here is to be of service. The trouble is that when I take a look at all the norms of society, I come face to face with the disturbing causes and effects that I know will follow.

All the lies—from which I only escaped by the skin of my teeth, years ago—are still out there, clutching people so tightly that they can barely breathe. What force is driving the rampant ignorance and over-consumption? The answer: the greed and power of corporations and their minions. But for such programmed thinking to take root at all, people must blindly accept and follow whatever the machinery of our mainstream culture feeds them. This is an important point because it means that the programmers could just as easily be disempowered, if only people woke up and rejected their programs! I believe that if we expose the folly and offer people a new way to care for their bodies, they will be pleasantly astonished and thus more open to revolutionizing other areas of their lives.

Even if we are unable to see the causes and the effects of our actions, we are still subject to them. It brings me great happiness to see more and more people learning to see through the lies, but what of the millions upon millions of those who remain in the dark? They keep handing more power to those who are enslaving them! This is not a conspiracy theory, but a tragic truth of the modern age. Living in disharmony with the laws of life cause all the pain and disease in our world. Brand marketing and pharma-government “health care” are power- and money-driven enterprises that have little to do with what is true or good for us. Don’t be fooled by their consumer-messaging strategy. All you have to do is step out from the ranks of the living dead to recognize this. The trouble is that most people surrendered their own clear-eyed authority to the mental and behavioral programming long ago.

Self-government is what we should be able to achieve as a society. Not anarchy, but SELF-GOVERNMENT. Self-government works when we have such a strong moral compass and are so in touch with the truth (not dogma, not religion) of clean living that any larger body of government is not only superfluous, but an insult. But when I look around, I see our country adrift in highly dangerous waters, far from the grounding wisdom of self-government.

I have loved this country with all my heart, but once again, I now find myself at a personal crossroads where I know there must be a breakthrough or else certain disaster. Key liberties are sifting through our fingers like sand because too large a portion of the population has been hypnotized, turned into marionettes in the greedy hands of power and consumerism. The powerful few are ruining the country for the rest of us. In this world of duality, of light and dark, light must regain its rightful percentage of power in order to survive. But darkness is snuffing out so much of our human potential and breeding scary new paths to destruction. Just for example, consider the irradiation of all non-organic greens because of a spinach scare a few years ago, or the swine flu (more on this later).

Yet, most Americans seem content as long as Walmart and Dunkin’ Donuts remain open. It is actually pretty impressive: In the last fifty years, the power-driven few, the so-called tastemakers, have managed to render more than 95 percent of Americans brain-dead while still showing a pulse and holding down a job and family.

I’ve held my tongue long enough. It’s time to get more vocal, to seize the chance to wake everyone up. I believe in the highest good of humankind and the beauty that we all have the potential to manifest. But we cannot manifest goodness and beauty until we detonate the old, destructive blueprint that has imprisoned the masses and replace it with a life-generating one. No one can achieve this alone. It takes a world of intrepid individuals who share a vision and take the initiative to build on it.

There is work to be done. We can still get excited about fitting into cute clothes and swapping cleansing recipes in the short term, but we must also work to cleanse the world of all the lies, programs, and agendas that hold our futures and our children’s futures in jeopardy. We need to expand our consciousness beyond the limits of self-identity and assume our places in the human community. It all starts with the desire to see and learn the universal laws of life. As more and more of us do this, we will lift the consciousness of those around us. Eventually, we as a people of higher consciousness will be able to dissolve the programs that have for too long robbed us of our personal liberties.

From the overcrowded arteries of New York City to the sleepy byways of small towns across America, we have communally surrendered mass quantities of our personal liberties over to sales agendas of all kinds. We have surrendered our power to think for and govern ourselves. And the more we buy into the lies, the more we surrender.

Now, to top it all off, the government wants to make flu and swine flu vaccinations mandatory. The first step is to scare us with propaganda, to make us sufficiently frightened for our lives, and then present the miraculous vaccine that will save us. Now, if you know how disease originates and the conditions viruses require in order to thrive, you would not be frightened at all by this hype, much less permit the vaccine to be pumped into your bloodstream (with who knows what ingredients controlling DNA codes and triggering cellular dissonance). But just like the millions of people who get the flu shot, run/walk for cancer, and take cold suppressants and vitamin supplements, those who do not understand how the body works will line right up and even thank the government for its generosity.

This time, schools will be the site of mass inoculations. They say swine flu has a particular penchant for the under-25 set. In fact, a school in Montgomery, NJ, held a mock practice inoculation last week—that’s right, to give the kids a certain sense of comfort and courage in preparation for the event. As each child went through the mock drill, they were rewarded with a gift and praised for being “good germ fighters.”

Of course this is all in the name of protecting children—to the tune of a $20,000 grant from the New Jersey Health Officers Association in cooperation with the state Department of Health. But the parents—regardless of socio-economic standing—seem oblivious of what’s going on. The majority of the students in my children’s classes are fed “school lunch”—that revolting, toxic sludge that gets mixed up with lard, sugar, and salt and is served with a spork. Parents are so uneducated about health that they will follow the government down any misguided path. Instead of questioning the government’s vaccination requirement, the majority of parents appreciate it! Most parents will continue blindly accepting whatever the government and the food industry offer until something terrible enough happens to wake them up. Sadly, this comes at the expense of our children’s blood chemistry!

So, will we make a breakthrough in this moment when the world has set up all these misguided causes that are leading to tragic effects? Will we wake up and change ourselves and our society, or will we just sit and watch the consequences tumble like an avalanche around us until we are snuffed out? There’s no time to snooze, my friends. We must take full responsibility for recognizing what is going on and act accordingly.

I have always been a patriot. My family lineage dates back to the Revolutionary War, and I have romanticized this country as much as anyone. But in expanding my consciousness, I have come to recognize the limitations of thinking as isolated groups or nationalities. We are an evolving, interconnected humanity. In that light, I urge you to contemplate these great lyrics as I do now—not as a citizen of one country or another, but as a citizen of life.

O beautiful for heroes proved
In liberating strife.
Who more than self their country loved
And mercy more than life!
America! America!
May God thy gold refine
Till all success be nobleness
And every gain divine!

O beautiful for patriot dream
That sees beyond the years
Thine alabaster cities gleam
Undimmed by human tears!
America! America!
God shed his grace on thee
And crown thy good with brotherhood
From sea to shining sea! 

—From “America the Beautiful,” words by Katharine Lee Bates, melody by Samuel Ward