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Miscellaneous Q&A Audio with Macha

This audio discussion is divided in two parts because the phone line broke off about two-thirds of the way through.

Miscellaneous Q & A Audio with Macha

Content covered in audio:
* Understanding how and why the body thrives on less
* What the body thrives on
* How to use our unique strengths to benefit society at large
* Using deep breathing to center the body before emotionally eating
* The art of balancing your inner self
* Grounding yourself using the image of the “7 Directions”

Quotable Quotes in audio:
* “Once you remove the addiction, the body becomes very serene, clear and happy, and prefers not to be inundated with substances.” – Natalia

Part 1 (19 minutes):
We discuss the link between a pure, simple diet and longevity, and we discuss balance and the importance of “grounding” when undertaking transformative spiritual and dietary disciplines.

Part 2 (approximately 8 minutes):
The discussion continues…